Back to the Trails!

This weekend marked my return to running since the LA Marathon.

I went for a short trail run on Saturday. Just 1.5 miles but something is better than nothing, right?


After, I went by my moms house to go for a walk with her. She’s 2 weeks post hip replacement surgery and when she goes for walks outside, someone needs to go with her. We went for a .65 mile walk that was 1/2 uphill, so in my book-that makes her pretty badass.


Just taking calls while busting out a nice afternoon walk.

Sunday I made my 12 year old daughter go for a run with me because…….she’s registered for her first solo 5K! On March 11, we went to the Road Runner Sports St. Pattys Day Party and our friend Sharon won a free entry to the Gator Run 5K that’s at the end of April. Hannah asked if she could do it and I said we’d see. Sharon wound up not being able to do it, so she gave Hannah her entry.So to the trails we went! We even took our dog with us for extra motivation.


Today is also National Puppy Day, if you didn’t know. So, here’s our doggy who is not a puppy (he’s almost 5)