3 Days Post Marathon


So here we are, 3 days post LA Marathon. My legs aren’t as sore. My feet and hips no longer hurt. Stairs are still a huge challenge (more the going down than going up). And I am antsy to go run. I know I can’t. Well, can’t is a strong word. I SHOULDN’T run. I need to give my body time to rest and recover.

I’ve been laying low the last 3 days, walking just a little but nothing more than what I have to do to get around at home/work. Today, I went for my morning walk on my break and the first lap around campus felt good. 2nd lap, I could feel my legs getting tired. 3rd lap, my legs were over it.

Tonight, I’ll hit the gym and do core work and weights only. Legs get 2 more days off before we go for a mini run on Saturday. Next Saturday I have the Deena Kastor 5k that I totally forgot I registered for. Something tells me a PR will not be in the cards for me that day, but that’s ok!

All I am focused on now is November and my next marathon and then a month later my 50K. Which, omg.

I leave you with these beauties:


Heading to the finish line. Hence the giant grin on my face.


Can you tell I was just DONE?



10 Days and Counting


So this is happening in 10 days. I haven’t been training properly, but I have confidence that I will be able to reach deep within myself and knock it out of the park. And by that, I mean I’ll finish. I have no doubt in my mind that will happen. Will I PR? Who knows. If I do, then awesome! If not, it’s ok.

I’m generally pretty hard on myself if I don’t reach a goal, but I know this time my health and losing my dad and spending time with my family was priority over running.

What about you? When you set goals and don’t reach them, what do you do? Are you hard on yourself or do you just think “try, try again?”