3 Days Post Marathon


So here we are, 3 days post LA Marathon. My legs aren’t as sore. My feet and hips no longer hurt. Stairs are still a huge challenge (more the going down than going up). And I am antsy to go run. I know I can’t. Well, can’t is a strong word. I SHOULDN’T run. I need to give my body time to rest and recover.

I’ve been laying low the last 3 days, walking just a little but nothing more than what I have to do to get around at home/work. Today, I went for my morning walk on my break and the first lap around campus felt good. 2nd lap, I could feel my legs getting tired. 3rd lap, my legs were over it.

Tonight, I’ll hit the gym and do core work and weights only. Legs get 2 more days off before we go for a mini run on Saturday. Next Saturday I have the Deena Kastor 5k that I totally forgot I registered for. Something tells me a PR will not be in the cards for me that day, but that’s ok!

All I am focused on now is November and my next marathon and then a month later my 50K. Which, omg.

I leave you with these beauties:


Heading to the finish line. Hence the giant grin on my face.


Can you tell I was just DONE?