10 Days and Counting


So this is happening in 10 days. I haven’t been training properly, but I have confidence that I will be able to reach deep within myself and knock it out of the park. And by that, I mean I’ll finish. I have no doubt in my mind that will happen. Will I PR? Who knows. If I do, then awesome! If not, it’s ok.

I’m generally pretty hard on myself if I don’t reach a goal, but I know this time my health and losing my dad and spending time with my family was priority over running.

What about you? When you set goals and don’t reach them, what do you do? Are you hard on yourself or do you just think “try, try again?”



After my last post about my dad I felt like this other blog post I read last week needed to be shared.


This blog post felt like I could have written it. Only much better. It said everything I felt. My dad passed away less than a ┬ámonth ago, yet I feel like I’m expected to be “normal” already. When really, to me, it feels like it JUST happened.

This part in particular, spoke to me.


I feel like everyone needs to read this. Because eventually we will all know someone who loses a close friend or family member, but our lives return to normal when we go home. Theirs don’t. Let them be sad. Let them rage. Just be THERE for them.