Being An Overly Sensitive Adult is No Fun

Recently I’ve had people question why I have non racing pictures of me running. And of course I got all offended and butthurt thinking they were making fun of me or being judgy and thinking I’m a narcissistic asshole. Which may in fact be true(them being mean, not me being an asshole), but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt that maybe they were just curious and not asking in a mean way. People are weird though, so who knows.

Well today, I was asked again and I gave real answers as opposed to my snarky/sarcastic ones. Here’s another reason. When I first started running, I started following a ton of running blogs and running pages on Facebook. And Twitter. And then Instagram. And to be 100% honest and real, everytime I saw someone post a running photo, it motivated me. On days I didn’t want to run (and there were a lot of them, there still are) I’d go on Instagram and see someones photo and think “well now I need to go for a run”. And then I started posting my own photos. It helped me. And if it helps even one person get off their butt and get outside (it doesn’t have to be a run, but any kind of activity) then my narcissism (if that’s what you see it as) was worth it. Other people have unknowingly (and some knowingly) helped me and I want to do that for others too.


So sure, its annoying. You see tons of photos of me running up and down hills and back and forth on trails. But it motivates me. And hopefully it motivates someone else.



2 thoughts on “Being An Overly Sensitive Adult is No Fun

  1. I love your pictures! And completely understand the sensitivity to haters, even though I think it’s not a matter of being sensitive, but just a normal response to assholery. When I see your pictures, I do want to get off my ass. So there! You win!

  2. Keep posting them! I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that they motivate me… but at the very least I feel guilty seeing them if I don’t run. Plus, I get to be all envious wishing I could run like a “normal” person without breathing issues. šŸ™‚ I live half my running life through the awesome pictures of others lmao.

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