I Really Stink at Remembering to Blog/ Look at my Vacation…….

Holy hell. I keep forgetting that I have this and I need to be better at blogging.

So, since my last post I had my second trail race. This one was a 6k and had some serious hills. We’re talking a 1000 ft incline in the first 3k. Part of that incline wasn’t just switch backs on the side of the mountain, but felt like we were literally running straight up the side of that mountain. I felt SO BADASS. I managed to finish 19th overall, 7th female and 3rd in my age group!


I will definitely be doing this again next year. As of right now (because it’s a year away) I want to do the 6k again and try and beat my time. But I’ll have completed (hopefully!) my first 50k, so maybe I should do a distance longer than 3.7 miles. We’ll see!

A few days after my race, my boyfriend, younger daughter and I went on our annual PNW roadtrip. It’s now annual because this is the 2nd year we’ve done it. And we’ll be doing it next year as well. We left Wednesday midday and drove up the 5 towards Oregon. We wanted to get as much of the drive out the way as we could on the first day so we had plenty of time for sight seeing before the bf had to meet up with his friends for their get together. That night, we stopped in Klamath Falls, OR.

Early the next day, I got up and ran around town (literally!) in some lovely 24 degree weather and then we were on our way! First stop: Crater Lake.

DCIM100GOPRO DSC_0839 DSC_0843 DSC_0844 DSC_0852

Then we drove up through Bend and around Mt. Hood and down into Troutdale where we spent the night.

DSC_0865 DSC_0867 DSC_0869



The next morning, I went for a run through Troutdale before we began our day of exploring the Columbia River Gorge. We hit Latourell Falls, Multnomah Falls and the Oneota Gorge.

DSC_0878DSC_0880DSC_0885DSC_0887DSC_0888DSC_0892DSC_0893DSC_0897DSC_0898DSC_0903DSC_0905DSC_0910DSC_0917DSC_0929DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROThe next morning (Saturday) Hannah and I were on our own. We drove across the river to Washington to get a view of the gorge from the other side of the river.


Sunday called for more driving adventures. We took a drive up to Mt. Hood and the historic Timberline Lodge (where they filmed exterior shots for The Overlook Hotel, which was the hotel in “The Shining” starring Jack Nicholson. Then we hit some trails and went on the historic Barlow Road, which was one of the roads the settlers took on the Oregon Trail. From there, we stopped in Sandy and took in some views of the Sandy River (also part of the Oregon Trail) and then finally, we went to Oregon City and visited The End of the Oregon Trail. After, we drove back to Multnomah Falls to get some great sunset views of the falls and the Columbia River Gorge.















Monday was our last day in Oregon. I took a quick drive to some trails I found in Troutdale and got a quick 5K in before Hannah and I decided we’d give Mount St. Helens another try. We tried driving up last year, but it was raining and super overcast so visibility was almost zero. Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so we figured why not give it a shot. It did not disappoint.



To say our vacation was amazing would be a complete understatement. My urge to move to the PNW is now at an all time high. Maybe one day.


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