New Year. New Me.

No, not really. My goals just got bigger, that’s all.

2015 started out with me being pretty sick. I’m not sure if it was the flu or just a really bad cold. But it hit me hard. I’ve spent this week recovering and as long as I feel well enough, I’m going to get in my first run since last Sunday.

Last Sunday was race #1 of 2015. It was a 5K at the Camarillo Airport, which is fairly easy as it’s just an out and back. I wound up running it 2 seconds slower than my fastest time, which I will totally call a win since I was already starting to feel sick that morning.

Also, this 5K was my good friend Danica’s first race ever! She did AMAZING!10917084_10155081147445192_8840039347808387051_n

My next race is the Starting my trail runs small, then gradually working my way up.

Speaking of working my way up. I’ll be working my way up to this in December.

Little lady. Big Goals.


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