2 Months Later

Yeeps. Life has really gotten busy!

Well, I ran my marathon last month and it went every which way but planned. I really fell off at the end of my training and it definitely showed on marathon day. Also, it was extremely windy the day of the race, and what was advertised as mostly flat with 1 rolling hill was anything but. What was called a “false flat” was actually a pretty giant hill. That we had to run twice.

So, I didn’t do well. But I finished. And that’s what matters right? Next marathon is LA. I have 3 months as of tomorrow. Totally on it this time. I hope.

I also decided today to make 2015 the year of the trails. I did a night trail run in October, and did fairly well in that. I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to get me registration for a 6K in Feb that’s on trails I’ve recently started running on. We’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of, yesterday I did a short trail run (1.5 miles) and today I added another mile on. Next weekend will be 3.5 then on and on. At least that’s the plan.

How’s your 2015 looking?



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